Sunday | July 23, 2017
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Letters 11-17-13

Redefining marriage doesn’t go far enough

I’m extremely disappointed by the passage of the same-sex marriage bill. I don’t think the lawmakers carefully examined all the issues connected therewith. It should have been approved as a more broadened bill, and people should be able to legally marry their dogs, cats, sheep or goats, too.

If we redefine marriage then we should go all the way.

John S. Rabi


Fast-track remaining part of highway

The newly christened Daniel K. Inouye Highway is a huge improvement over the old Saddle Road — 40.27 miles out of 45.97 miles have been upgraded to Federal Highway standards. The remaining 5.7 miles, which is located above Hilo, is on hold. The acquisition of the right of way is stalled and there isn’t any funding allocated for this phase. Both of these facets go hand and hand. This project can’t be funded unless the right of way is fully acquired.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation asked the Land Transportation Division of the state Attorney General’s Office to start condemnation proceedings against the three holdout landowners in 2012. The state Attorney General’s office hasn’t heeded the HDOT’s request except to ask for more information in July.

I’m deeply frustrated by the lack of urgency in this matter. The last Daniel K. Inouye Highway phase should on a fast-track, but it’s stuck in bureaucratic hell instead. The state DOT needs to expedite the land acquisition, so this much-needed project can proceed and Inouye’s vision be fulfilled.

Aaron Stene