Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Letters 11-14-13

It’s time for government to tighten its belt Why don’t we run our government the way we would run a well-managed family? I really believe that our national budget problem would not be any more difficult than running a properly run family. We are sending our hard-earned money all over the world, and we are not paying attention to our real national budget.

A well-run family budget operates with one main rule — if we don’t have it, we don’t spend it. Our government thinks all that Chinese money is free money. Doesn’t our government realize that our debt and the interest that we have signed up for is way yonder more than our income? In a well-managed family, we never attempt to spend more money than what we have on hand. In our family budget, if things don’t balance we go back and find where we can make cuts in our expenses, and then we adjust accordingly.

Our government seems to think that we can spend money all over the world as if we had it in our hip pockets. If we ran it like a well-managed family budget we would look for other ways to balance things other than just borrowing more money from China. I would like to see a list of all the money that we donate to nations all over the world. Then I would propose that we go back and reduce those amounts by certain percentages across the board, and then we might find that our budget could come close to a balance. As it is, the Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank and now we have to borrow even more money just to pay the interest that we owe them. That is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Do you know that we donate $1.5 billion every year to countries like Egypt and others as well? We think we can buy their friendship, but it doesn’t work. Those countries are not part of our family, and it is stupid for us to try to support them. It doesn’t really buy their friendship anyhow.

We think we might adjust things by electing proper Congress members and a new president, but just as soon as they get the job, it seems that the only concern they have is for themselves, and they leave us out in the cold. A good share of the voting they do is aimed at improving their own positions, not ours.

Show me that list of nations that we are supporting, and then let’s make some changes. We might never be able to pay China back what we owe them as it is. While we are making lists, how about a list of the interest payments that we have incurred since we made those huge loans?

Bob Paddock