Thursday | September 21, 2017
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Letters 11-12-13

What happened to ‘live and let live’?

I have been a kamaaina on this island for over 30 years. I have loved all the people, no matter what color or creed or religion — whether I agree or not, I accept their belief, whatever it may be.

In the past, there were always “mahu” in this culture and they were totally accepted. Even to this day, I have never heard any negative or derogatory comments about them. Long ago, missionaries came, made the women cover up their sinful nakedness in muumuu and somehow, suddenly, the mahu were considered sinful. Is this what Christianity is all about ? What happened to “live and let live”?

Why can’t everybody find their own happiness without trying to prevent others from having theirs? And why should not everybody have the same rights (and legal rights) for happiness ? Those thumping the Bible should perhaps spend more time reading it. It’s all about forgiveness, tolerance, love and acceptance. Do not try to mold the society you live in to your beliefs. And, remember — what was that about “who throws the first stone”?

Christa Wagner


Where has common sense gone?

OK folks, I think it is probably time to quit kicking the dead dog over genetically modified organisms.

First, the companies don’t want to have to advertise that a product is a GMO because of publicity like this.

Second, GMOs aren’t the problem. Our industrial food system is. Food activists should move on from genetically modified foods, and focus on Monsanto and “Big Ag’s” other destructive practices.

Third, has anybody even thought of educating themselves by contacting, oh say, a geneticist? Because before you know it, you might just be thanking someone who raises a GM product when everything else has been attacked by some crop killing disease. I sure would rather eat a genetically modified apple as opposed to one that has been bathed in God only knows what chemicals.

This comes down to one thing, which one of the lesser evils do you want, because you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. I mean I get the tree huggers and all, but let’s be realistic here. They just delayed the construction of a new court building because of an endangered uhiuhi tree, really? We couldn’t just move the tree? No, let’s move the $90 million project because we can’t move one tree.

Where has all the common sense in the world gone? And please don’t try to suggest that the tree would have died, I can throw grass seed on my drive and it will grow.

Richard Saunders

Captain Cook