Sunday | April 30, 2017
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Letters 10-9-13

Reason to stop Affordable Care Act is simply greed

In Bob Green’s Oct. 4 West Hawaii Today letter, he asks the question: “What am I not seeing?” I think his question is fairly typical of the type of confusion currently floating around in response to the government shutdown.

Unfortunately, Mr. Green and some others are under the impression that the Affordable Care Act is a bargaining chip in the decision of whether or not to fund our government’s operations. If the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was not already a law, not already showing potential benefits for millions of Americans, and not previously ruled constitutional by our Supreme Court, it might make sense to question its budgetary future. However, laws cannot be arbitrarily dismantled at the whim of a few naive elected representatives.

Let’s consider another hypothetical solution. What if some of our representatives demanded that the Social Security system be stopped before they approved a new budget for our country’s operations? How legitimate would that demand be?

The Affordable Care Act is an opportunity for our nation to recognize the needs of the less fortunate, who have been routinely denied medical coverage. To thwart the efforts of those who have placed this valuable resource into our system, is ultimately an endorsement of the greed that permeates our immensely profitable health care system — a health care system that cares less about health care for everyone and more about profits for a few.

Republicans don’t want to offend the huge insurance, pharmaceutical and managed-care corporations. Any other reasons they have for stopping the Affordable Care Act are purely manufactured nonsense.

Stephen Winch


Safety checks? Just get rid of them

Safety Inspections? Instead of increasing the cost to the public and complexity to the garages, why not just eliminate them as mainland states have done? Oh I forgot, the plantation mentality; only state bureaucrats know what’s good for us ignorant peasants. What we really need is another computerized babysitter to tell us we have a burned out taillight.

Ken Obenski