Thursday | March 23, 2017
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Letters 10-8-2012


A real challenge

Mr. John Ackert’s “outreach program” is an excellent idea and will help some of the students. But there is another segment of the student body that need more.

There are many families in Waimea and Waikoloa, who live eight to 10 people (siblings, parents, grandparents) in two-bedroom apartments. There are no “suggestions to improve the home environment” that are possible.

As far as “assets computers, books, etc.,” most of these homes do not have a TV or a radio.

Trying to involve parents in the childrens’ schoolwork will not work if the parents and the grandparents do not read or write English. In many cases they do not read or write their native language, either. The homework is just squiggly lines on a paper.

I wish that he were right that “the majority of parents will do whatever it takes to help their child succeed.”

Too many parents abdicate all education to the school.

When I have been advocating early learning or preschool education, I have been told, “That stuff’s not necessary. They will get that when they go to school. Let the school worry about that.”

His outreach program is an excellent idea for many of the students. I hope that he can come up with a solution for the “really challenged” students because I can’t think of one.

Many of these kids are very smart with great potential but not a chance of the proverbial snowball.

Annette LaBonte



Ready to choose

On the first of October, I attended a very heated up forum at Kealakehe High School cafeteria. The forum consisted of the candidates for the mayoral race.

I found that each candidate in the mayoral race deserves a round of applause.

It will be a very interesting debate trying to figure out who will be elected as our mayor going into Nov. 6.

Both Mayor Billy Kenoi and former Mayor Harry Kim showed us a view where there are differences between the two.

I am concerned for the future of Hawaii County and what the candidates have in store for the benefit and safety of our community.

I am finally an 18-year-old ready to exercise my right to vote. I look forward to what our candidates have to offer by the time of Election Day.

Kalei Kossow