Sunday | September 25, 2016
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Letters 10-8-13

It’s not the party, it’s the radicals

Let’s stop with the stupidity. Even the most dimwitted has to admit that there is one political party responsible for the government shutdown. It’s the same party that refuses to accept that global warming exists, that they lost the 2012 election, that Hillary Clinton didn’t personally kill our ambassador in Benghazi, that the world is not flat and that Fox News is not a source of the news or anything resembling a fact.

The government is full of people who do care about this country and work hard toward making it better, but all their good works are being strangled by a small group of zealots in the House of Representatives’ tea party types, who believe that they are more patriotic, more American and more deserving than the rest of us. This minority of narcissists knows nothing will go down in history as one of the oddest collection of fools to ever appear on the American political stage, but not before they do deep and lasting damage to the country. These are small town, small minded, ignorant clowns all imbued with tremendous confidence in their infallibility.

Thankfully their time is short. They and their enablers are a minority holding the rest of us hostage and when the dust settles there they will stand, naked to the world with not a single cogent thought to defend themselves. They aren’t conservatives. They are radicals who hate government even while cashing their government checks on payday. Hypocrites and cynics. Quite a party.

Gary Hattenburg


We shouldn’t be paying Congress

I’m also in favor of all of our elected representatives and senators not getting paid during the shut down. Why should they continue to receive pay and benefits when all federal workers are laid off?

It seems only fair that if they cannot come to some reasonable solution, then they all get laid off until they come to their senses.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis

Kailua- Kona