Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Letters 10-6-2012


What do the reported numbers really mean?

I am tired of politicians reporting the unemployment rate is going down. It’s not going down, it’s going up as the peoples’ unemployment benefits expire.

I keep seeing all these unemployment figures and I can’t see how they could be correct. They seem to be getting their figures for state and federal unemployment percentages in people who are drawing unemployment benefits. That is all fine and dandy for the “what percentage is drawing unemployment benefits,” but what happens after unemployment benefits run out and you still don’t have a job? Is anyone tracking those people and getting their figures or are they reporting those people as finding jobs when they have not and are still unemployed but not being reported as such? They have no way of tracking that, so why don’t they report the percentages of people on unemployment benefits instead of reporting it as the unemployment rate? It’s not the unemployment rate, it’s the drawing unemployment rate. They have no way of tracking the poor people that didn’t get a job but used up all their benefits.

Could someone do a report on this and clarify the unemployment rate?

Mark Wilson


Blitz Build

Apostle mahalo

The recent Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii Blitz Build — completing five homes in 10 days — was a moving example of charity (actually parity because we don’t give away free houses) beginning at home. The Faith Relations Committee of Habitat for Humanity proposed an apostles’ Build, where 12 apostle churches come together to sponsor one home. These churches contribute financially, and provide volunteers together with meals for volunteers. 16 apostle churches answered the call with an army of volunteers, so two of the five Blitz Build homes became Apostles’ builds.

The faith community was a strong presence on the site. Many of the priests and pastors were swinging hammers side by side with bishops, and one delightful female minister was expertly painting alongside. So many holy hard hats. The daily devotionals they gave were inspirational, creative and moving. Churches know how to feed their flocks, and the food was excellent. This is a mahalo to the churches and their leaders, who helped create the parity for two families to earn their own homes. You truly teach by example.

AnnMarie Muramoto


Habitat For Humanity

West Hawaii

Faith Relations Committee