Monday | February 27, 2017
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Letters 10-6-13

Self-centered are running our government

It should come as no surprise that we now have a government that has been shut down because every representative and senator in Washington only thinks of himself. Do they represent the people? Well, not really.

Most of them are so self-centered that they are able to think only of themselves. If we are going to take someone’s benefits, why not take their paychecks? They did nothing to earn them and to think that we have to pay them for the rest of their lives even if they do retire is ludicrous. I suppose they are all so self-centered because they are all attorneys and really could care less about their constituents.

My opinion is that only someone who has been in the military and retired with an honorable discharge and has had some commander experience should be the commander in chief of these United States. There is too much going on in the world at this time. It is not the same as it was back a few years ago.

Please leave the military and veterans alone. They earn what they get and probably even more. They keep us safe from the terrorists and others who not only are overseas but even within our midst. Think Ft. Hood and Boston.

We do not need all the entitlements either. I graduated from high school a long time ago, got a job, and have worked all of my life, even as a single mother and never once was I on food stamps or Medicaid until a few years ago when I was so sick I could not work. Then when I was able I dropped it because for me it was embarrassing. It lasted for only about three or four months. In these days, there is no such thing as personal pride.

Anita Labertew