Tuesday | September 27, 2016
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Letters 10-31-2012

Military activity

Wrong voice shared

Regarding the Oct. 25 article by Hilo Tribune Herald reporter Colin M. Stewart, “Strykers not coming to PTA anytime soon”:

Whenever the issue of PTA comes up, reporters on the Big Island typically refer to James Albertini as the sole voice of the Big Island civilian community, and always in opposition to PTA and the United States military activities that go on there.

Mr. Albertini, a perennial anti-military protestor and felon, is not the only civilian voice on the Big Island. His position actually represents a very small group of people who support him and his attitudes about PTA and the U.S. military.

I would like to ask the Big Island media community also to refer to those who lead the Hawaii Chapter of the Gathering of Eagles, a very pro-PTA and pro-military, nonprofit organization, as representative of the much greater and supportive civilian attitude and voice within our community that supports and welcomes those who work and train at PTA.

Please, do not go to Mr. Albertini for his voice alone. His is the negative side of the community voice only.

Robert Gowan



Cleanup questions

Just wondering, how long before a crew from Ironman cleans up Alii Drive from the purple painted “Go Sam,” or the stenciled, white painted circle “S,” or the orange day-glo spray paint from Royal Poinciana to Banyans?

Maybe entrants 1515 or 179, for whom the paint was sprayed, could send money to help with the costs. Just wondering.

A park — I was sure that the space across from Magic Sands was going to be a condo complex with a water slide and outdoor theater. It’s a park. How truly lovely — or is it Uncle Billy always on the campaign trail?

Richard Allen


Keauhou Beach Hotel

Lamenting losing an island icon in Kona

This letter is in response to Tony Radmilovich’s letter of Oct. 23.

I don’t remember the last time I read a letter from someone so full of themselves. Nostalgia has very little to do with the many reasons for not tearing down the hotel.

To begin with, maybe everyone doesn’t agree that a building built in the style of expansion of that era is ugly.

I can think of numerous buildings in town that are better qualified for that designation.

Of course, that is just an opinion and everyone has one of those.

Another reason I can think of to not demolish a usable building would be the problem of where you put all the demolition rubble. After all, we all know there is limited space in our landfills on the island.

Finally, it is obvious that Mr. Radmilovich does not work or know anyone who has one of the “few local jobs” that will be lost.

I am hoping for better times — when we don’t have to close any island icons.

Andy Depew