Sunday | June 26, 2016
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Letters 10-27-2012

Safety first

Halloween warning about drinking, driving

As the weekend of Halloween festivities approaches, we ask that anyone attending a party or any kind of gathering that serves alcohol, to please be aware of the potential consequences of drinking and driving.

“Think before you drive and bring them back alive” is one slogan many have heard over the years. Also, the designated driver campaign was thought-provoking and made an impact on many.

While driving in Michigan recently, another billboard caught my eye: “Drunk Driving Shatters Dreams.”

That billboard brought us back to Nov. 1, 2009 — when we received a phone call that our son, Michael, was killed by a drunk driver. He was driving home from Halloween celebrations in downtown Kona on his mo-ped, just minutes from home.

It was a horrible accident witnessed by many. I can only imagine the horror they felt as they saw events unfold and how that horror might still affect them today.

Lives are shattered by tragedies that occur in the blink of an eye.

As the third anniversary of Michael’s death approaches, we still mourn the loss of our son and only child at the age of 27, and still wish for what could have been. He had moved to Hawaii in March 2009 and was settling into life on the Big Island. He loved Hawaii, but in the blink of an eye … .

As you drive by the pink plumeria tree on Alii Drive, a quarter-mile north of Poinciana Drive, think about what can happen to you or a loved one in the blink of an eye.

Don’t let driving drunk — or driving impaired —shatter your dreams.

Walt and Lynne Jauss

Lewiston, Mich.

Global warming

The missing issue from election discussions

It’s great that our presidential candidates go back and forth about all the issues they deem important but I’d like to hear what they plan on doing to reduce global warming.

We won’t have a planet to live on if we don’t take care of the most pressing issues.

Maybe it’s all meant to be as these candidates bicker over how they plan on creating jobs, balance our economy and end terrorism.

Only time will tell, but it doesn’t look very good for any of us.

Colleen Wallis