Tuesday | January 24, 2017
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Letters 10-19-2012

State highway

Work questioned

Thanks for the half-mile signs(not).

I didn’t realize our state had so much extra money we could waste some money on mileage marker signs for every half mile around the 92 mile marker in South Kona on Highway 11 — where no one lives.

Thanks for fixing the off-camber corner that wiped out at least a car a day. But why did you cut all the rumble strips in our road, to make them more dangerous?

Now we have roads with holes that fill with water and said water keeps splashing on the roads to keep them wet and slippery for hours after the last rain.

Which genius in Honolulu thought of this way to waste more money cutting holes in our roads every six inches when each hole cost how much, $5?

Let’s waste some money on guard rails instead. This is one of the worst roads on the island and is not much for guard rails. Let’s waste some money on something sensible.

Gary Kneeland

Ocean View


Give them a chance

I do agree with most of John Ackert’s letter today (Oct. 5). However, Mr. Ackert’s entire message deals only with parents and teachers, not administrators.

Recently, I heard about two of the island’s schools that have poor administrators. Each school administrator insisted on setting up fixed “schedules” for each subject being taught, without any provision for teacher flexibility.

If a student did not fully understand within the time allotted, the teacher was not allowed to continue with perhaps a different explanation.

If the teacher continued to teach the subject, he/she was either fired or punished for insubordination.

How can children learn if not given enough of a chance to understand a concept?

Carol Buck


Planning decision

At issue with director

I would like to comment on the Oct. 4 letter regarding a development in South Kona.

In the original decision granting approval of the proposed Kaikakuu development, Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd has overstepped her authority in multiple ways. She:

1) Ignored state and county statutes regarding preservation of agricultural land and preventing urban sprawl.

2) Failed to obtain accurate information regarding real world data on rainfall for our eco-niche and ignored recent drought impact on our area.

3) Failed to obtain an environmental impact study regarding the effects of changing the intended land use from low density agricultural to moderate density housing.

4) Failed to substantiate the need for housing in an area with depressed real estate prices and more than adequate inventory.

5) Failed to verify information provided by the developers and their lawyers, who clearly misrepresented the botanical richness and diversity of that land.

6) Ignored the 2010 County of Hawaii Agriculture Development Plan, which is the source document for her own department.

7) Overrode the recommendations of her predecessor regarding “no water, no development.”

8) Failed to give those of us who would be most affected by the decision the 30 days required by law, by waiting to send out the original decision letter.

The planned development is as far from Malama Ka Aina as anything could be. Why would anyone want to cut down old-growth ohia forest for a few houses?

Simple answer here: money. When all the forests are cut and the land is cluttered with cute tract homes that cannot possibly engage in sustainable agriculture, when the rains stop and pueo no longer fly down from the forest to hunt below when all the giant hapuu have been turned to mulch for the imported shrubs, where then will our island be?

Barry Wayne

Ka’ohe Ranch