Monday | April 27, 2015
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Letters 10-17-13

An example of why some loathe Ironman

My wife and I walked to our favorite eatery to meet friends for brunch after the Ironman contestants had all entered the water. A group of eight people entered to occupy the table next to us; two photographers and six representatives of a company that manufactures competition wetsuits.

Our attention became focused on their table because one of them returned his meal (an omelet) once, twice and a third time. Each time the waitress removed the “defective” meal, the company rep would pick food (mostly omelets) from the other people’s plates until the replacement arrived. As the replacement meals arrived and were rejected the people mocked and laughed at the waitress.

To those people, do you realize that there is a faction of Kailua-Kona residents who loathe the annual Ironman because of people like you? Do you care that the number of loathers increased on Ironman day because of the way you belittled your waitress for entertainment?

I hope they don’t come back. We don’t want them, don’t need them. I snapped a good picture of the guy who was having the most fun tormenting our waitress, and the photo will accompany my letter to their company expressing my true feelings. Think I will express aloha if I see you next year? You bet.

Michael Doggett


Parking should be supplied for volunteers

How I would have loved to volunteer for the Ironman World Championship, but with no guarantee of a place to park within easy reach of the venue, I declined. I have no doubt that this is an issue for many others as well.

Perhaps next year there can be a shuttle for volunteers from one or more easily accessible parking lots. Two that come to mind are the lot at Kealakehe High School and the one at the West Hawaii Civic Center. The drop-off and return trip might be at Hilo Hattie’s. Such a service would not only benefit volunteers, but might also help keep the parking lots of local businesses free for customers.

Debby Green