Sunday | December 11, 2016
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Letters 10-12-13

It’s time to never re-elect them

You may not have noticed but most of these guys were in office the last time the government was shut down. It’s our own fault. We keep electing the same “repeat offenders” over and over again.

The only real power we, the average citizens, have is our vote. The only way we can get this mess straightened out is with our vote. The idea of serving in office is to serve, not to get rich. We must never re-elect anyone. We must always vote but never re-elect anyone. Remember this next election and take the pledge to never re-elect anyone. Then we will be in charge again. If you like this idea pass it on.

William Robards


Drunken drivers deserve stricter sentences

On Nov. 25, the person who killed my baby, Aliyah Emily, and crippled her mother for life will be paroled from prison. The judge gave her 10 years for killing my baby, Aliyah, and the Hawaii Parole Board gave her three years.

Why only three years, why not 10? Was the judge mistaken in handing down 10 years? Why does the parole board have this power? Is the sentence by the judge merely for political reasons?

Why isn’t death by drunken driving second-degree murder? Drunken driving is a wanton act of mayhem. The loss of a child or family member is a life-changing event where many family members in Hawaii are at home staring at the walls and crying.

No length of jail time is going to bring my baby home, but those who drink and drive might not drink and drive if they know they will spend 10 years in jail without parole if they kill one of our family members. Please support Aliyah’s Law and tow arrested drunken drivers’ vehicle to the impound yard.

Wayne Braden

Captain Cook

Why should terrorist get special treatment?

Since when does a terrorist get to decide what conditions he should get while behind bars? If he doesn’t like our prisons, he shouldn’t have planted the bombs that hurt many people.

I have no sympathy for any criminal. Like in life, “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Colleen Miyose-Wallis