Tuesday | August 23, 2016
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Letters 10-11-2012

Political process

Not perfect, but envied around the world

I read the Oct. 7 letter to the editor on aggressive reactions to political polling, and was left with a heavy heart.

Our country’s political process, although not perfect, is envied all around the world. It is a process that allows all our citizens to participate and have an equal voice. Rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, male or female, no matter what your background is, each vote represents the voter’s preference to elect our leadership for a better community and future.

The political process also gives our community an opportunity to express its wishes and concerns to candidates. Tools such as surveys or polls provide necessary feedback to candidates. Candidates use the information to clarify, evaluate and prioritize the needs and/or wishes of their constituents.

It is cruel, inconsiderate and mean-spirited to slam the phone against a saucepan with the intention of injury. Those calling on behalf of the survey are only trying to do a job they were hired to do. They are, like all of us, trying to make ends meet and feed their family.

A better approach may be to say, “Thank you, I’m sorry, but I choose not to participate in the survey at this time.”

How one reacts in a particular situation is often indicative of how one responds to situations in his life. Our behavior in dealing with daily events, often gets mirrored. The phrase “what goes around, comes around” says much.

We should thank those who courageously put their names and reputations on the line to run for office.

We need to “live the aloha spirit” in all that we do.

Warren Chong



Lower the rates

There it is, another full page ad from HELCO, telling everyone how wonderful HELCO is and how it’s everyone else’s fault for the high rates for electrical power. OK, we get it: HELCO is great; HELCO is wonderful. All the high rates for electricity are not HELCO’s fault. We hear you, HELCO.

Now hear us. Stop the full page advertisements. Stop the constant barrage of TV ads. Enough already.

HELCO is a monopoly, there is no other electric company we can turn to. So stop spending our money on these self-serving advertisements. If HELCO has something to state, put it in the mailer that contains its bill and existing newsletter.

Take whatever the advertisements cost and lower our electric bills. Even if by a few cents, it’s better than HELCO’s constant requests for higher rates.

Are you listening, PUC?

Robert Brogan