Thursday | November 23, 2017
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Letters 10-1-13

Keauhou Bay parking issue clarified

In response to the concerns about parking in the cul-de-sac at Keauhou Bay mentioned in a letter to the editor in the Sept. 27 edition of West Hawaii Today.

The principle design of cul de sac turnarounds is for emergency vehicles to be unencumbered in responding at times to life or death situations. There is a multistoried condominium and wood-framed houses in the immediate area. Some of our fire equipment is very wide and long and needs that size of an open area to turn around and position the vehicle for best response.

Please note that recent construction at this cul-de-sac has provided a much-needed fire hydrant. Also please note that a kindness has been provided by the Traffic Division of Public Works by painting four parking spaces in the middle of that cul-de-sac as they placed the required “no parking” signage.

The Keauhou Community Association that has promoted all the various access and activities for residents and visitors alike has built an off-street, dirt-surfaced parking area in an attempt to help the lack of parking spaces. More hard-surface parking with adequate drainage needs to be provided.

All frequent users of this area are also aware of the condition of the drywell not draining and now with the no-parking signs installed, it also frees up the area for when funds become available for the Highways Division to come in and attempt to improve this drain without police having to ticket parked vehicles and having them towed at the owner’s expense. Please view this as a much-needed improvement.

Bob Northrop


Ironmen urged to follow the rules

As this year’s Ironman event nears, I’d like to ask the organizers to please impress upon the participants to honor our community’s health and safety laws while training on our roads and in our public pool.

Please remind the cyclists to ride in single file on the far right side of the road or in designated bike lanes only. And to please, please take a shower at the pool before swimming. These are health and safety regulations designed for everyone — visitors and residents alike. Thank you.

Michael Gold