Wednesday | October 26, 2016
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Letters 1-9-2013

Gun control

In defense of our 2nd Amendment rights

In response to Charlie Webb’s comment that “the NRA has blood on its hands” Nonsense. The NRA in its 140 years has been a pillar of strength in the defense of civil liberties and individual freedoms.

Mr. Webb seems to think that because of U.S. military dominance we no longer need the protections afforded by the Second Amendment. He forgets that the Founding Fathers considered a standing army to be a grave threat to civil liberties and freedom, and that it was their intent for an armed population to serve as a reminder to our government that they are accountable to “we the people,” not the other way around. Gun rights should serve as a barometer for freedom in a free society. We need only look at world history to see examples of atrocities committed by governments after civilian gun rights have been infringed upon. I agree with Mr. Webb that the Founding Fathers were wise and formed a wonderful constitution, but I also believe it to be timeless, not just relevant to the time in which it was created, as was suggested in his Jan. 3 letter.

I am glad Mr. Webb believes in the right to self defense, however, is he suggesting that law-abiding citizens be limited to single shot weapons (or even 10 rounds) when an armed criminal (home invading) assailant will likely attack with an accomplice, both armed with high capacity weapons? Is he naive enough to think that restricting the rights of the law abiding will keep high-capacity weapons out of the hands of violent criminals?

Mr. Webb makes reference to Australia and that it has not had a mass shooting since it enacted strict gun control, but is he aware that the Australian Bureau of Crime Statistics has reported significant annual increases in violent crime since the gun ban, and admitted the ban has no correlation to the use of guns in violent crime? Women in Australia are three times more likely to be raped than in the U.S. Violent crime in the U.S. has declined during the same time period as a record number of states enacted concealed carry laws and strengthened gun owner rights.

I understand Mr. Webb is reacting to the recent shooting, but I suggest that the civilian right to possess and carry firearms saves more lives on balance than are taken by the occasional deranged acts of a few, and that civilians should not be placed at a disadvantage to armed criminals by having the sorts of weapons they are allowed to possess restricted.

Jonathan Cook


Gun control

NRA logic at fault

Well, it looks like we are finally on the right path. A forward-thinking company is now making bullet-proof vests for our children and the NRA advises armed guards in every school.

By Mr. LaPierre’s logic, if you are not armed and you are killed by a gunman, it is your own fault for not taking proper precautions.

William Robards