Saturday | April 25, 2015
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Letters 1-7-2013


Contamination concern

My remarks are in response to Mr. Richard Swann’s letter and all the previous letters regarding municipal waste compost.

Mr. Swann makes a good point about little fire ant- contaminated compost, but, also, I have pointed out to my customers in retail garden centers and nurseries for the past three decades, that even good intentions of using compost in their gardens is commendable, where it is used and for what purpose, must be addressed.

I ask them if they’re going to use it on edibles. If yes, I show them the label on the bag stating it comes from “recycled green waste” from a dump. I then mention the “unknowns” about that compost.

You don’t know what people have sprayed on their plants; what type fertilizers they’ve used; and that heavy metals don’t compost.

I recommend reliable sources for safe compost on edibles. I can recommend the community waste compost for ornamentals, including lawns, but not kitchen gardens or fruit trees, etc.

I’ve had to defend my position to management for “not making a sale,” but the customer is very appreciative that their welfare is important to me and our community.

Dennis L. Lawson

Kona Highlands