Wednesday | October 18, 2017
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Letters 1-29-2013

Rescue mahalo

Apology, appreciation

Last week, just after sunset, I was caught in the big south swell off shore at Ala Kala. I am so deeply grateful for the brave lifeguard visiting from California who risked his life to help me to shore. I was cold, tired, and my body and legs were cramping up bad.

I want to thank all my neighbors and friends in the community who rescued my board that I lost, and who were on the shore with flashlights, binoculars watching and helping me. I was amazed at how fast and dedicated the fireman and paramedics were who showed ready to jump in the water and ensure my safety when I came to shore in case anything disastrous were to happen to me.

To my neighbors and friend who called 911, I am sorry to worry you; I am sorry I went into the water after you told me it was “not a good idea today.”

There were so many people on shore, though most complete strangers, who were there hoping and praying for my safety. Thank you all for being there for me.

Aukai Adams


Speed humps

Thanks, but do it right

I want to thank the county for putting speed humps today on Uluaoa Street in Kealakehe.

It took seven years to get this feat accomplished. It took them only six hours to complete this job.

Although it is long overdue it appears the county miscalculated how much material to bring. The speed humps are very small and cars are still able to go up and down the street at considerable speeds. The humps already (within 1 hour) have worn grooves in them as there was not enough material and it was not steamrolled long enough.

Thank you for the humps, but please come and do them correctly with the required amount of material.

Clayton S. Adams


Gun Control

Meaningless statistics

Yes, times have changed, but the more they change the more they are the same.

Both sides of the gun control argument make silly claims. History is full of outgunned locals fighting off mighty armies, from the American Colonists who had flintlock rifles against the British cannons. To 200 Jews with seven guns in the Warsaw Ghetto that held off an SS Division for a month. To the Mujahidin, who kicked the mighty Red Army out of Afghanistan with second-hand AK47s and a handful of stinger missiles.

In the nineteenth century, one Indian tribe after another was conned into giving up their arms and within a year was slaughtered by rogue units of the U.S. Army. Armed rogue organizations like the KKK and Bolsheviks have terrorized entire continents.

On the other hand, reasonable laws, of which we have plenty, need to be enforced to minimize the weapons in of the hands of criminals and lunatics.

Gun control versus violence statistics get cooked by both sides — and are pretty meaningless.

Ken Obenski