Monday | December 05, 2016
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Letters 1-28-2013

Old white guys

Historical perspective

In response to Mr. Hattenburg’s sophomoric diatribe regarding “Old White Guys”:

Mr. Hattenburg’s naïveté obviously has blinded his “intellectual” ability to recognize and understand the reality of the real world.

He talks about “imagined tyranny.” Obviously, he is completely oblivious to American history and tyranny.

Before he slings his disparaging remarks, he needs to educate himself with the following:

1. The bonus Army (1938)

2. The internment of American Citizens (WWII)

3. The battle of Athens, Tennessee (1946)

4. Kent State (1970)

5. Waco Texas

The leftist liberals need to understand there is no “La-La-Land” and there will never be, with or without so-called assault weapons.

Humans from the dawn of humanity until our demise will find a way to destroy one another.

By the way, Mr. Hattenburg, the Nazis prevented the Jews from owning guns. How did that work out?

Gregory Bruckner


Act 97

Kim is right on PLDC

In our most recent election, I found myself in that familiar position of choosing between two less than desirable candidates. Mayor Billy Kenoi talks a good game, but what about those county workers caught red-handed stealing gas? Or how about malfeasance in the bidding process (county employees allowed to bid on county jobs doesn’t smell right). And I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth since the size of county government doubled under Harry Kim sticking taxpayers for their health care and pensions to infinity.

But Kim is dead-on right about the need to repeal Act 97. There’s no fixing it. Just like Obamacare (How did all you middle class people like your Social Security tax increases that mysteriously appeared on your first checks this year?). It’s bad, bad, bad and needs to be repealed.

But Act 97 is one of those teachable moments, a glaring example of statism foisted on the counties this time, by the state Legislature.

Kim cries of stripping authority from the county, eliminating approval and review processes and eliminating the people’s opportunity for input. Then he blathers on about “fairness, integrity and a trust to just do what is right” and starts to sound like someone I heard the other day at the inauguration. So he’s right, but it’s hypocritical.

The federal government is becoming more statist every day. The gun grab, paramilitary raids by the Department of Justice on small businesses (Google Mountain Water Co.; Duncan Outdoors or Gibson Guitar raids), the taking of private property, litmus tests for the top brass in the military (Will you fire on American citizens?).

It’s a complete and total disregard by 99 percent of politicians for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law — and it’s getting worse every day.

Michelle Kerr