Monday | October 16, 2017
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Letters 1-23-2013

Traffic circles

Not so safe after all

I read the article regarding the proposed roundabout, or traffic circle at the intersection in Keaau.

We have roundabouts in New England.

We do not call them roundabouts. We call them suicide circles.

If the traffic circles are safer than a light, why are New England states removing them — in favor of traffic lights?

Steve Carlson

Riverside, R.I.

Gun laws

A call for more rules

As an even older white guy who was born and raised around guns in rural Michigan and who spent 20 years in the military, I feel compelled to respond to Gary Hattenburg’s very imaginative critique of the gun nuts of America.

I must take issue with his implication that these wackos are confined to his generation.

My generation (born 1936) produced more than enough of these characters, and they are not confined to men. Also, many of the younger generations seem to have been caught up in it, as well.

I suppose it will take more tragedies like Aurora and Newtown before public pressure builds to the point that it can overwhelm the NRA’s lobbyists and their hold on so many members of Congress.

I would like to live long enough to see sensible and enforceable gun laws passed so that it is once again reasonably safe to send children off to school.

Maybe someday we can catch up with the rest of the civilized world in this respect.

Gil Taylor


Gun laws

No more restrictions

It’s nice to see that the legislators in Hawaii are as clueless and lacking of common sense as the ones on the mainland.

The idea of making it even harder on her citizens to exercise their simple 2nd Amendment rights seems to make them feel more powerful.

Are they afraid that the people of Hawaii will finally get fed up with the garbage they continue to promote?

Recently, a Hawaii police chief said, “They basically don’t issue any (permits) because the police have guns and that should be enough.”

Not sure who this “chief” was or where he got is education, but anyone who has a lick of common sense realizes that the police do not carry guns for the protection of the citizens but for their own protection.

And, from a voice who should know, Hawaii County Prosecutor Mitch Roth said gun crime levels in the state are “relatively low, and it has a hunting culture that is “pretty respectful” when it comes to using guns.

It would be pleasant if our ruling Democrats developed a spine and actually started doing something of value, things to help the people, not just putting them down and making them feel useless and subservient.

Frank Dickinson