Tuesday | February 21, 2017
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Letters 1-22-2013

Old white guys

My generation

Old white guys. What is it with my generation? I’m a boomer, an old white guy, but I’m not afraid of my government. I don’t need a gun to protect myself from an imagined tyranny.

What’s with the hate and paranoia? Why are they so aggressively ignorant? A web full of facts and information and they devote their time chasing myth, conspiracy and the latest stupidities mouthed by crackpot cynics on the far right or the far out.

It’s sad. Will they go down as the intellectually laziest and most spoiled generation of all time? Most likely. Unless a dumber group succeeds them.

At the rate they are devolving, they will be walking on all fours by the end of the decade. Most would grow tails and climb back up into the trees if they didn’t have such a hatred for anything “green.”

What kind of wimp needs to pack a gun in public? An assault rifle with a 30-round clip? I guess they are trying to bag an especially vicious rodent. Who knew Bambi was so tough, Mickey so vindictive?

Who are these fools and where did they come from? Oh, well, the glass is half full. We are more than half gone.

Let’s hope the next generation decides to live their lives doing good instead of throwing spitting, red-faced tantrums and casting blame for their stunted existence. It’s like Opie had 50 million evil twins. Have a nice day.

Gary Hattenburg



About money after all

As many of us have always suspected, the cellphone crackdown is about revenue, a $35,917 federal grant. Then there is the $97 fine (2,606 times) or $252,782 sent to Honolulu and out of our county struggling economy.

It’s a moving violation, so the driver’s insurance goes up hundreds of dollars, millions more out of our county to mainland insurance companies.

It must be worth it if it saves one life, right? Trouble is, it has not. Since the ban was implemented traffic fatalities are up over 50 percent.

We learn from history that government never learns from history.

Ken Obenski


Bag ban?

It’s a money scam

So I went into Foodland and was charged 5 cents for the same bag that supposedly was banned. I also went into Kmart and the same thing happened.

There is no bag ban, only a money scam. Seems one can get all the bags he wants at a nickel each. Where does the nickel go, to the politicians?

James Wiese


Gun, pot laws

A peaceful preference

I feel I must respond to Robert Issac’s letter asserting that medical marijuana users should not be allowed a gun permit.

Evidently in his imagination marijuana use causes one to become a potential violent offender.

I have to assume he is unfamiliar with such use himself or he would know that its effect is pretty much the opposite. Folks stoned on marijuana generally become quite peaceful and their preference is to gaze at nature or eat cookies.

I imagine that whether or not they might own a gun is completely irrelevant.

Mare Grace