Sunday | July 24, 2016
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Letters 1-21-2013

Bail reduction

The judicial system has it right in decision

This is in response to Tina Owens’ comments regarding bail reduction denial posted on the Opinion page on Jan. 17.

I think it is about time members of the community stop coddling these “good people” who repeatedly break the laws as if the laws do not apply to them.

In the previous articles listing his many traffic violations, numerous times Mr. Peter was cited for no child restraints on the 2-year-old and two 4-year-old children.

He was an accident waiting to happen, and the child was the victim of his unconscionable behavior.

How can a driver of an automobile not be aware when a door is open (one of the children opened the back door and that is when the child fell) and not question why it was opened and not notice that one of the children is gone from the vehicle?

Mr. Peter has driven these children in the past unrestrained — that is not acceptable.

It is all parents’ job to keep their children safe and he chose, on multiple occasions, not to do the right thing for the safety of the those children.

It has now become the responsibly of the judicial system to determine what punishment is appropriate for someone who is repeatedly negligent, irresponsible and dangerous.

Mr. Peter has demonstrated that he has no regard for law — or the safety of others.

Fran Harman

Waikoloa Village

Gun violence

Targeted government research has flaws

Research into the causes of gun violence sounds like a great idea. Government research has an endemic problem of being conducted (or edited) by people who start with an opinion, then look for evidence to support it.

Ken Obenski