Wednesday | September 28, 2016
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Letters 1-17-2013

Bail reduction denial

Something is wrong with judicial system

There is something seriously wrong with our judicial system.

I have just read how Mr. Pedro Peter has been denied a reduction of his $52,000 bail for his heinous crime. Keep in mind, he is not a serial killer, not a thief, not a drug dealer, not a scam artist. He accidentally ran over his own son.

In my mind, that is punishment enough, poor man. His family must be devastated.

So, why is the court being so harsh? The attorneys say that he failed to appear in court for previous traffic violations. Let me write that again: traffic violations. We have violent people, people who threaten our lives, property and society, out on our streets who have been through the court systems many times and are apparently not treated as they are treating this poor man.

What is going on here?

Tina Owens


School lockdown

Investigate incident

Regarding the recent article in WHT about the school lockdown because of a man chasing a boy on campus: Is anyone else troubled that a relative, whether man or woman, was chasing a child? Especially on a school campus?

I hope there is some investigation into this, perhaps from a social services department?

There have been so many cases of abuse and neglect on this island that someone should care.

Bekke Hess

Manteca, Calif.

Puako transfer station

A rubbish handling how-to for newbies

Puako’s transfer station is small, and it accommodates a lot of people.

For those of you who are visiting the island and use this facility, here are some dos and don’ts:

Please do not pull up parallel to the rubbish chute and park more than 5 feet away and in the middle of the facility then walk around trying to figure out what goes where in the process blocking the whole facility to everyone else.

Please do not walk around talking on your cellphone, while other people are waiting to dump their garbage.

Please do not park your car in front of the recycling bins in a manner that no other car can use that space; parking diagonally to those bins is preferable.

Please do back your car up to the rubbish chute to unload your garbage.

Please do get back into your car and pull forward toward the recycling bins.

Please do unload your recyclables from there.

Please do get back into your car promptly and leave the transfer station.

Julia Adkins