Wednesday | September 20, 2017
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Letters 1-16-2013

A percentage cut

Lower our national debt, cut the spending

How many times have we heard the old-time saying “if you don’t have it, you can’t spend it?”

It seems almost too simple that we really could run our nation the way conservative and financially responsible folks manage their businesses or their family money. We plan our budget and we only spend what we have. It is as simple as that.

Families and business managers set their budgets, and, if their income is less than their proposed expenses, they simply tighten their belts until it fits into their budget. They cut back on things until they have a balanced budget.

In most cases we cut back an equally predetermined percentage for almost everything. That is what a budget is all about. Of course, we have some listed items that cannot be adjusted, so we cut back the others a bit more until it fits into the budget.

We all agree it is not only unwise for America to be tossing money all over the world in huge quantities, but we borrow and borrow — until we have enough money to pay all those excessive expenses.

The answer is to cut back a predetermined percentage equally on each of those expenses other than super- fixed items and quit all this excessive borrowing.

We know our generation can never pay back all those loans, so we are dumping the payments on our kids and generations to come.

Reliable families take care of their own bills and teach their kids to do likewise. As it is, we are setting horrible examples for our children, so naturally they are going broke just like their parents.

A listing of the billions of dollars we are tossing all over the world is enough to make you sick. I wish someone would give us a listing of all of our worldwide expenses. It would blow your mind.

Of course, Washington has all sorts of alibis for these expenses, but here we are blowing money everywhere, and many of those nations or receivers of our generosity hate us anyway. They are just laughing all the way to the bank.

It just isn’t working, so we can save face by still paying them — although a bit less, and cutting them all back uniformly until we balance things out.

Our Congress and our president could make these things work, but as it is, they are mainly looking after themselves and their own welfare. We elect them to represent us, and the minute they land in Washington they merely look out for themselves.

Bob Paddock


Park repairs

Fix the toilets

It is wonderful news that the Department of Parks and Recreation is planning on major maintenance projects for four parks here, but how about fixing the toilet and showers at Kua Bay?

One of the two toilets in the women’s restroom has been nonfunctional for nearly two months that I know of, thus creating long lines for the one and only other one. The showers have been off since before Christmas.

I know the toilets work perfectly at Kahaluu. How about fixing the lack of facilities at Kua Bay first?

Cindy Whitehawk