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Letters 1-13-2013


Complaint response

In response to a letter to the West Hawaii Today from Mr. Barry Willis published Jan. 6:

The County of Hawaii Solid Waste Division offers apologies to Mr. Willis for his expressed unpleasant experience at the Kealakehe HI-5 redemption center.

There are communities on this island that demonstrate support for many local schools and charities by donating HI-5 containers at the redemption centers. Inadvertently, his bottles and cans were counted as part of this donation program.

The County of Hawaii places customer service in the highest regard and works to treat customers with respect. In the future, the operators of the HI-5 redemption center will be more attentive to customer needs.

We regret this incident and hope that Mr. Willis will visit the Kealakehe HI-5 redemption center again so that he can receive what he is owed.

Mahalo for recycling and, again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Christopher Thayer

County of Hawaii

West Hawaii HI-5

Recycling Specialist

Gun control

Tired card from NRA

I just read the letter from Jonathan Cook regarding gun control in the U.S and I just had to chime in.

First he notes how the NRA is a “pillar of strength” defending our civil liberties. Really?

Where were the civil liberties of those 20 school children and six adults in Conneticut who were murdered with a military-style assault weapon?

Second, he argues that more guns equals a safer society using Australia as an example.

I’m not sure what statistics he is looking at, but recent numbers show Australia had around 30 gun-related homicides for the entire year; the United States had just over 9,000. Why the huge discrepancy?

Australia has around 15 guns per 100 people living in that country, the United States has around 90 guns per 100 people. Indeed, one only needs to read the studies and look at annual gun-related homicides in countries such as Canada, Japan and Germany that have sane gun laws, to see Mr. Cook’s hypothesis that more guns equals less crime is nonsense.

The NRA has been playing that tired card for a long time, and the stats and common sense just don’t back it up.

Finally, Mr. Cook is worried about the size of the ammo clips he is able to purchase because if multiple home invaders enter his home with assault rifles, he will be at a disadvantage. My immediate reaction to this was, “just what neighborhood in Kona do you live in, Mr. Cook?”

Eric Garrett