Sunday | October 22, 2017
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Constituent sounds off on same-sex marriage

Aloha Gov. Abercrombie. Congratulations on your election victory to the highest office in our state.

That said, allow me to give voice and actually object to your so-called gay marriage proposal. First, I wish to state emphatically that I do not hate anyone — and that includes homosexuals. But there are some compelling reasons to oppose such an initiative and I hope you will give this consideration; with the intent obviously of reversing your support.

If this proposal becomes law, the democratic lawmakers in this state will be unequivocally altering the course of civilization in this state and contributing to said alteration throughout our nation. That is not an overstatement. With all due respect sir, I know you think you are doing the right thing here, but to redefine an institution that has been in force in nearly every modern civilization for thousands of years, and to sanction a behavioral choice, you are in effect putting your stamp of approval on behavior that has long been condemned by every major religion in the world. How can a lifestyle that was considered so wrong just a generation ago now be considered so right?

I can assure you sir, that while this may be politically expedient for some, the fact remains that this “lifestyle choice” more often than not is nothing less than destructive and dangerous behavior, both physically and emotionally. Definitive studies have shown that depression, drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism, not to mention rampant STDs, are far more prevalent in the homosexual community. You won’t hear about these facts, however, from a biased, politically correct media.

Further, I realize that in today’s America, it is virtually impossible to be a good Democrat and oppose this issue. This is a shame. As we have allowed our use of language to be redefined, we should understand that this is not about equal rights, as some have claimed. There is no definitive evidence that has ever shown this lifestyle to be inherently present at birth. This lifestyle choice is just that — a choice. In-your-face homosexuality is serving to brainwash and confuse American youth. We should all be ashamed.

I know that one of your first initiatives after taking office was to appoint an openly lesbian judge to our highest court here. I can only say that the great missionaries who came here and offered up a better way to the islanders would be rolling in their graves if they only knew. We are rapidly approaching a society that is supposedly tolerant of anything and everything except the Christian religion.

How long will it be before the few remaining pastors, who are brave enough to speak out against this, are silenced due to hate speech laws? The same Christian religion that brought us the greatest country in the history of the world, and we are content to slowly but surely tear that down. Read Washington’s farewell address if you doubt what I say, and if you have a real sense of historic, accurate patriotic pride. God help us, and as Gen. George Patton would have likely said — “we’re going to need it.”

Kenneth Bayer is a resident of Kohala.

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