Tuesday | August 30, 2016
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A realistic index

There is much debate whether the rising stock market index measures the overall state of the economy.

I have my own simpler metric.

I call it the Walmart index.

How hard is it to park at a big box store? A year ago I could park my big crew-cab close enough to throw a baseball though the front door. Now the store is so busy I have to park my little Geo way in the back of the lot.

Apply the same rule at Costco.

People are spending again and the rising tide lifts all boats.

Ken Obenski



Hospital appreciation

I’d like to praise the Kona Community Hospital staff.

I was recently there for some minor surgery and every person from the admitting receptionist to the operating staff displayed such an aloha spirit that it was obvious it came from their hearts. I only heard one intercom announcement the whole time I was there and it ended with mahalo. The professionalism was spiced with humor, which made the time fly.

I usually go to hospitals to visit friends, but I now realize that doesn’t give you a fair impression of the staff. When you’re a patient is when genuine compassion and care matter — and there’s plenty of it at that wonderful hospital.

Clear Englebert

Captain Cook


The label is offensive

Yesterday my wife was verbally accosted by a 14-year-old Hawaiian minor. This individual got inches from my wife’s face and shouted, “Haole b—-h! You don’t belong here! Go home!”

Likeke Bumamglag of Kona wants us to believe that “haole” is not offensive. Apparently this individual has never been on the receiving end of such a tirade.

This individual closes with “Let’s not confuse ‘haole’ with the n-word; to me they are terms of a different color.” I truly hope there was a pun intended by this statement. I could certainly stand to be more enlightened by this individual’s view of derogatory word usage.

Rep. Faye Hanohano’s usage of “haole” and other derogatory epithets was reprehensible in spite of Likeke Bumanglag’s lack of understanding its context.

This public use of derogatory epithets simply reinforces what this Hawaiian minor has apparently learned in his home and school. Maybe Likeke Bumamglag would like to come to our neighborhood and provide appropriate instruction as to the use of language and how it can indeed be hurtful.

Wayne Hammond

Discovery Harbour