InBrief | Odd News 7/22/13

Mermaid banned from swimming pool

LITHIA, Fla. — A Florida woman has been banned from swimming in her community’s pool because she wants to wear a mermaid tail.

Jenna Conti, who lives in the FishHawk Ranch subdivision, had been in the Aquatic Club pool with her custom-made tail once before with the staff’s approval. But last week, employees told her it violated a policy against swim fins.

Last week, the FishHawk Community Development board voted to keep her out of the pool because of the swim fin policy.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Conti’s dream is to swim at the Florida Aquarium, which features mermaid performers.

Boy finds grandfather’s long-lost wedding ring

NEW BERN, N.C. — Jerry Eubanks has his old wedding band because his grandson likes playing in the mud.

The Sun Journal of New Bern reports that 7-year-old Liam Eubanks was staying with his grandparents and was playing in the mud behind their house when he stepped on something.

Liam said he told Shirley Eubanks he thought he’d found some treasure.

It was the 14-karat band Jerry Eubanks lost in 1982. He remembered he had been painting the workshop behind his house. Several days later, he noticed it was missing.

Jerry Eubanks said he may wear the ring again, but also said he would leave it to his grandson as something he could treasure the rest of his life.