Sunday | April 30, 2017
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Two barred from Hilo home for alleged drug activity

HILO — Two people were ordered by a judge to permanently vacate a Kaumana home prosecutors have described as a drug house.

Hilo Circuit Judge Glenn Hara on Friday barred 48-year-old Dorbert Correa and 46-year-old Frank Eblacas Jr. from the home at 1068 Kaumana Drive. Hara had issued a 90-day temporary injunction in November barring Correa and his 28-year-old girlfriend, Malia Arakaki, from the property, which is owned by the Correa Family Trust.

Eblacas, who is in custody at Hawaii Community Correctional Center, was the only defendant in the civil nuisance abatement action present at an evidentiary hearing Friday morning. He told the court he has no objections to a permanent injunction banning him from the property.

“I haven’t resided there for eight or nine months. … I don’t plan to go back there at all, anyway,” Eblacas told the judge.

Dorbert Correa, his 45-year-old sister Doryal Correa, aka Doryal Kahaunaele and 31-year-old Bernard Antoque were all served notice of the hearing, Deputy Prosecutor Glenn Shiigi said. He added that notice was mailed to Arakaki but there was no proof that she received it.

Shiigi asked for a default judgment against the defendants and referred to a May police affidavit. In it, Hilo Vice Officer Kelly Moniz wrote: “Arakaki went on to state that Dorbert distribute(s) large quantities of crystal methamphetamine from his residence.” The document also stated that Arakaki told Moniz that “Dorbert regularly picks up ounce quantities of crystal methamphetamine, and the last time she was with Dorbert as he picked up an ounce was on May 4 or 5.”

Moniz also wrote that Arakaki told him Correa had “four long guns and one pistol.” The document stated that Correa had 10 prior felony convictions and was legally ineligible to own or possess firearms.

“As it was submitted to me, the material did not seem sufficient to issue any sort of injunction against Doryal Correa, Bernard Antoque, or Mr. Eblacas, although Mr. Eblacas consented (at) this hearing,” Hara said, and ordered the injunction against Dorbert Correa and Eblacas.

Shiigi said afterwards that he was pleased with the judge’s ruling, even though the permanent injunction did not extend to Arakaki, because she hadn’t been officially served notice of the hearing.

“Her being there (in the house) was through Dorbert,” Shiigi said. “Because Dorbert is not allowed back on the property, I think that all the other people, except Doryal Correa, would be tied into Dorbert, as far as being on that property previously. So in talking to the trustee, Barbara Correa, she said that she would be having those people excluded from the property (through civil proceedings).”

Barbara Correa said, “I will get an eviction notice for all of them.”