Tuesday | May 03, 2016
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Police say alleged speargun shooter worked for Google

A 49-year-old Leilani Estates man accused of shooting his landlord’s son in the chest with a speargun late Tuesday night is or was a software engineer for Google, according to a court document filed by police.

Georg Robert Curnutt, who’s charged with attempted second-degree murder, made his initial appearance Friday afternoon in Hilo District Court.

Judge Barbara Takase maintained Curnutt’s bail at $500,000 and ordered him to appear Tuesday at 2 p.m. for a preliminary hearing.

Curnutt remains in custody in Hawaii Community Correctional Center.

The document states that Curnutt’s landlord, Tim Sullivan, told police he heard Curnutt say, “I have a gun,” and then realized that his 20-year-old son, William Sullivan, had been shot with a speargun.

According to the document, the younger Sullivan was shot in the left pectoral area.

It states that the spear entered the young man’s chest approximately 4 to 6 inches and made an exit wound in the left shoulder blade area.

Lt. Greg Esteban of the Hilo Criminal Investigations Section said Wednesday that the spear “nicked” the heart but missed other vital organs, while Tim Sullivan said the spear punctured his son’s pericardium, the membrane that protects the heart.

Esteban said Friday afternoon that Tim Sullivan, who underwent surgery at Hilo Medical Center, remains in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, where he is improving and was in stable condition.

Curnutt lived in a broken-down bus behind the Sullivans’ Leilani Avenue home in Puna.

The incident occurred at about 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

The document states that William Sullivan reported that he was shot during a “verbal altercation” with Curnutt, who had been drinking.

Esteban said on Wednesday there was a “physical confrontation that precipitated the event.”

Curnutt had a visible welt on his right cheek during his brief court appearance, and the document referred to “swelling and pain to (Curnutt’s) right jaw.”

“The injury occurred during the altercation,” Esteban said on Friday.