Tuesday | January 17, 2017
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Meth addict sought for treatment, TV

A National Geographic program documenting drug use and trade will be filming the treatment of a crystal methamphetamine addict in Kona.

Hawaii Island Recovery Program Director Eliza Wille said the treatment center will provide one meth, or ice, addict a free month of in-patient treatment, in exchange for allowing that treatment to be filmed and used in an upcoming episode of Drugs Inc.

“They had done a lot of research and found out there was a crystal meth issue on the Big Island,” Wille said, which led the show’s producers to approach the treatment center about the project.

Wille said filming will begin in late May. She said center officials will screen potential documentary subjects, looking for someone who is able to speak clearly about experiences with crystal meth, as well as the impact addiction has had on the addict’s life. She said the applicants’ willingness to “go into this process for the right reasons,” will also be considered.

Information from anyone who approached the clinic to be considered for the program will be kept confidential, Wille said.

To apply, contact Hawaii Island Recovery at 329-1281.