Friday | October 20, 2017
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KHPR pursues transmitter

A charitable foundation has offered $20,000 towards a goal of $100,000 in donations to fund a transmitter for Hawaii Public Radio’s KHPH-FM 88.7 station.

The McInery Foundation offered the donation as an incentive to spur more donations; the $20,000 will be donated when HPR has raised $62,000, HPR officials said Monday.

“At that point we’ll have reached a grand total of $82,000, something we think will spur final contributions towards the $100,000 goal,” HPR President Valerie Yee said.

HPR hopes to begin using the transmitter in April. The West Hawaii Transmitter Project began this summer. Once the $100,000 goal is reached, that money will be enough for equipment, engineering and first-year overhead for a transmitter at Kaloko mauka. The new transmitter will fill in some of the terrain-shielded “blank spots” from the airport to Captain Cook in addition to reaching the center of Waimea.

The campaign had raised $42,000 as of Monday. To be a KHPH Charter Member, call 800-955-8821 during business hours or give on-line at\khph.