Friday | November 17, 2017
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Hilo man charged with burgling home

A 26-year-old Hilo man is facing charges stemming from an alleged May 3 burglary of a Hilo home.

Scottie I.K. Yanagawa was charged Tuesday with first-degree burglary and second-degree theft, according to the Hawaii Police Department. Yanagawa’s bail was set at $35,000.

Around 5:16 p.m. May 3 police received a call from a 38-year-old Hilo woman reporting that her home in the upper Ainaola Drive area had been broken into and several items had been removed, according to police.

Police received information that some of the items were sold to second-hand dealers in the Hilo area, according to police. Officers were able to recover some of the stolen property, which led to Yanagawa’s identification and subsequent arrest on May 7.

In addition, a woman and a man who accompanied her, were arrested over the weekend in connection with the same incident, according to police.

On Saturday, 25-year-old Suzy Cho Chun of Hilo was arrested on suspicion of second-degree theft for being in possession of items from the burglary, according to police. She was later charged with second-degree theft. Her bail was set $2,000.

The man who was arrested with Chun was subsequently released without charges.