Diesel spill contained

A compartment overfilled with diesel at Hawaii Fuel Network on Kaiwi Street in Kona Wednesday, but no diesel breached the company’s containment measures, General Manager Mark Leong said.

Leong said the company was still working to determine how much fuel overflowed the compartment that was being filled. The drain on site is closed, so no fuel would have been able to flow through the drain to the ocean, he added. The drain has a valve that can be opened, say if rainfall fills it, but the company first tests the water for oil residue before emptying the pit, Leong said.

The spill was cleaned up just after 1 p.m.

“We follow all the federal requirements” regarding protections against fuel spills and fuel containment, he said. The law requires Hawaii Fuel Network to be able to contain 3,300 gallons of liquid at the Kona location.

A U.S. Coast Guard representative stopped by the shop Wednesday afternoon to investigate a report of fuel spilling into a drain leading to the ocean, Leong said, and was satisfied that the spill was contained.