Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Students recognized for taking a stand against meth

Gov. Neil Abercrombie recently congratulated student participants in the Hawaii Meth Project’s “Take a Stand Against Meth” art contest. Abercrombie greeted students in the state Capitol chambers foyer, where many of the entrants’ pieces are displayed.

“I commend the Hawaii Meth Project’s staff and youth volunteers for their dedication to preventing meth use and spreading awareness about the dangers of crystal methamphetamine, especially to Hawaii teens,” said Abercrombie. “Hawaii Meth Project’s ‘Take a Stand Against Meth’ art display at the State Capitol demonstrates that our teens care about how meth impacts their peers, family and community, and it’s inspiring to see them taking such a proactive stand against this drug.”

Student participants from Hawaii Island include Makenna Francis of Waimea Middle School and Michelle Fratinardo of Kamehameha Schools, Hawaii Campus.

The Hawaii Meth Project is a nonprofit organization that implements a range of advertising and community action programs to reduce methamphetamine use in the state.

Launched in 2009, the Hawaii Meth Project leverages a proven model that combines extensive research with a hard-hitting, integrated media campaign.

The Hawaii Meth Project is affiliated with the national nonprofit Meth Project, aimed at significantly reducing first-time meth use through public service messaging, public policy and community outreach.

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