Thursday | September 29, 2016
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Learning the moves

Waimea Country School’s physical education teacher Nanci Mahoney invites community partners to enhance her regular physical education instruction.

Rugby referee and enthusiast Derek Stuart assisted the second- through fifth-graders during a fall rugby unit. Stuart focused on games that “teach you to think while you’re moving; that involve everyone. Everyone is part of the team.”

Kindergartners and first-graders learned street safety rules and traffic signs during “PedEd,” sponsored by Peoples Advocacy for Trails Hawaii and taught by John Simmerman.

All students spent one class trying out basic yoga moves with instructor Kathryn Wiese at There’s No Place Like Om yoga studio. Students also participated in an hourlong West African dance session with Michal Carrillo, of Lavaroots Performing Arts, and master drummer Fara Tolno.

Angela Wolfenberger led the students in a health and nutrition class. “Children need to be physically active and they need to routinely make healthy food choices,” Wolfenberger said.

Mahoney and the students expressed appreciation for their neighbors’ volunteerism. “Having a visiting coach for PE is really nice. It means you’re not doing just the same thing as last year or the year before,” student Nic Barrick said.

“I like it when we switch it up. It’s fun to get people that we don’t usually have,” Xander Lai said.

To volunteer to lead, or assist with physical education classes, call the school at 885-0067.

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