Kona Bridge League

Results of the American Contract Bridge League play at the Kona Bridge Club follow:

April 18: North/south first went to Richard Gittelman and Dean Jenkins; second, Susan Brown and Peter Mitchellopolis. Taking first east/west were Shirley Decker and James Mills Jr.; second, Barbara Eichelbarger and Alice Davison.

April 19: Placing first north/south were Kathy Golitzen and Bette Buckingham; second, Shirley Decker and Marlene Sabo. East/West winners were Nancy Palmer and Jim Elstran; second, Sharon Bolton and Shelly Hershberger.

April 22: First was claimed by James Mills Jr. and Allan Young; second, Marti Martin and Jerry Shaw.

April 25: Dean Jenkins and Richard Gittelman took first north/south; second, Bozena Babbitt and Sharon Bolton. East/west winners were Gail Hadovsky and Robert Bailey; second, Peter Mitchellopolis and L. Stuart Vance.

April 26: Placing first north/south were Jean Cole and JoAn Hill; second, Bette Buckingham and Kathy Golitzen. Dickie Motherwell and Craig Thorsen came in first east/west; second, Hannah Packard and Dean Jenkins.

April 29: Tied for first were partners Marlene Sabo and Liz Holey and partners Shelly Hershberger and Dean Jenkins; second, Shirley Decker and Sharon Bolton.

For the schedule of games, call 443-7708