Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Artist finds use for newspapers

Artist James Osterberg Jr. finds more than news, sports and weather in the newspaper. He also finds dogs, cats, fish, chickens and dragons.

Osterberg’s papier-mache sculptures are all created from recycled copies of West Hawaii Today. He works from his home in Captain Cook, using repurposed wire hangers and water-based acrylic paints and sealers to bring his ecofriendly creations to life.

Osterberg previously exhibited paintings in the gallery at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. When the gallery closed, he decided to pursue sculpture.

“Papier mache allows me the most flexibility. I can go as big or small as I want. I can make anything I can imagine, and if something isn’t turning out like I want, I just cut that part off and rebuild it. If you apply enough layers, it becomes as strong as wood and paints wonderfully,” he said.

For more information, find Studio Osterberg on Facebook or email