Tuesday | September 19, 2017
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‘Water Cycle Style’

What do water droplets, the sun, dancing jellyfish and rappers have to do with learning? At Innovations Public Charter School, they represent the integration of music, drama, dance and theater into curriculum studies. Second- and third-graders recently presented “Water Cycle Style” to demonstrate their learning of the importance of the water cycle to the environment, and the past and future of the planet.

Students rewrote lyrics to modern tunes to emphasize major concepts in their studies. Through singing, acting and choreography, they demonstrated evaporation, transpiration, precipitation and condensation. Their performance also reflected themes such as conservation and interdependence, with lines including “The water cycle is the movement of how water passes. It moves through many different states: liquids, solids, gases. It keeps the climate balanced. Water’s always on the go — give it up for H2O”