Saturday | September 23, 2017
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Rocket science: Ukraine firm may have helped N. Korean missiles

| | Aug 19 2017 - 12:06am | Comments

Ukraine is virtually an “anything goes” zone for American entrepreneurs — as well as for people like the North Koreans. That idea has been reinforced by news reports that a Ukrainian factory sold North Korea rocket engines for intercontinental ballistic missiles, which Pyongyang wants to arm with nuclear warheads so it can threaten the United States as well as peace in its region.

  1. | Posted: Jul 31 2017 - 12:06am

    WASHINGTON — Maybe I’m doing this all wrong.

  2. | Posted: Jul 30 2017 - 3:58pm

    WASHINGTON — That one of the greatest victories of World War II was a mass evacuation — more than 300,000 British and French troops taken off a beach at Dunkirk — was a preview of the industrial nature of that conflict. Feats of organization — such as the return of Allied troops to other French beaches on D-Day — took precedence over military panache. It is the reason that Dwight Eisenhower was the indispensable irreplaceable man, not George Patton.

  3. Posted: Jul 30 2017 - 3:57pm

    Truck ramps fit other spots, too

  4. | Posted: Jul 30 2017 - 12:06am

    We live in troubled times. Wherever there is an issue there is contention, loud voices, immovable positions and too often even violence. We all know that this situation only gets worse unless men and women of good will, foresight and wisdom step forward to find solutions that provide a “win” for all of the parties involved. Those of us who are in business know that all good business is based on the simple principle that all sides need to see progress in any transaction for that transaction to stand the test of time.

  5. | Posted: Jul 29 2017 - 12:05am

    The letter from Henry Scroggin published on July 26 extolling Trump’s accomplishments is poorly sourced and generally inaccurate. I assume most people do not have the time to fact check such letters, but here is what I found and where I found it:

  6. | Posted: Jul 29 2017 - 12:05am

    For more than a thousand years, the tribes of Europe have stared into the gunmetal-gray chop of the English Channel and thought of conquest. “We have six centuries of insults to avenge,” Napoleon said. I was just there, on the same spring week when the great bedraggled scraps of the French and British armies were cornered for slaughter by the Nazi war machine 77 years ago.

  7. Posted: Jul 28 2017 - 10:11am

    Bravo to performing arts festival

  8. | Posted: Jul 27 2017 - 12:06am

    ‘Be prepared’ is the Boy Scout motto and even though in all of recorded history a hurricane has never hit Kona, it’s good to be prepared.

  9. | Posted: Jul 27 2017 - 12:06am

    Remember how some people used to talk about President Barack Obama’s rise as “post-racial?” With bracing candor, Michelle Obama has begun to open up about how post-racial her White House life wasn’t.

  10. | Posted: Jul 26 2017 - 8:37am

    WASHINGTON — Do you have a problem — trouble at work, relationship stress, or just some really hard math homework — that you can’t resolve on your own? You should turn to the man who is fixing problems for more than 300 million Americans.

  11. Posted: Jul 26 2017 - 8:37am

    Reasons why Trump is making America great

  12. | Posted: Jul 25 2017 - 12:06am

    For nearly a quarter-century, O.J. Simpson has served as a referendum on some American flashpoint: race, class, domestic violence, justice, California, celebrity.

  13. Posted: Jul 24 2017 - 12:06am

    Left did plenty of good

  14. | Posted: Jul 24 2017 - 12:06am

    WASHINGTON — President Trump had some remarkable things to say at the inaugural meeting of his Commission to Promote Voter Suppression and Justify Trump’s False Claims, which is formally known as the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. He also asked a question that deserves an answer.

  15. | Posted: Jul 23 2017 - 12:06am

    Solution for abandoned vehicles