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Extreme eradication damaging hunting prospects

Since the first Polynesians arrived back in 200 BC, hunting has been a way of life in Hawaii. The first Marquesans followed by the Tahitians brought with them animals including the Polynesian pig, an essential food source. Eurpoeans later brought other game animals including sheep, goat and axis deer. Mouflon sheep from Sardinia and Corsica arrived in the 1960s and are now endangered in their native land. This hunting tradition has been passed down through four generations of my family, which was essential, especially during the Great Depression days, when my grandfather and his family would not have survived were it not for the wild game my great-grandfather put on the table.

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Parents — It’s time for that talk

October marks Let’s Talk Month, aimed at getting families talking about sexual health and relationships. A survey out this month, commissioned by Planned Parenthood and New York University’s Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health, shows that while most parents are talking about sexual health and relationships with their children, too many aren’t talking often enough or clearly enough about critical topics to help young people make healthy decisions.