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HELCO must revise its clean energy response

There is lots of good news on the clean energy front these days. The Department of Education is moving forward with a plan to invest in renewable energy for school facilities. The state is hoping to roll out the new Green Energy Market Securitization program passed by the Legislature last year to make rooftop solar affordable for low- and middle-income families. And, the state is well ahead of its renewable energy goals, having already exceeded our 2015 goal of 15 percent.

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Viewpoint: DLNR another bureaucracy in need of accountability

I have long been an animal lover. Not a militant PETA vegan, but an animal lover nevertheless. I have, therefore, been a supporter of the Endangered Species Act and other programs designed to protect threatened and endangered species from stress, dwindling populations and possible extinction. Too many species have been driven to extinction in the last few centuries, at an ever increasing rate, and I sincerely wanted this tendency to halt by any and all means available to biologists similarly disposed and who had the capacity and means to slow down or stop the harm done.