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Viewpoint: Makua Lani is better option for fate of Hualalai Academy campus

February 23, 2014 - 12:05am

The sale of Hualalai Academy to Kamehameha Schools does not meet the needs of the children currently attending Hualalai Academy or the community at large.

Of the two options considered, Kamehameha Schools or Makua Lani, Makua Lani is the only option that would make it possible for the majority of our students to remain on our campus next fall if they choose to. About 20 to 25 percent of our students have already started talks with Makua Lani and more are planning to talk with them in the next few weeks. Makua Lani’s tuition is considerably less than Hualalai Academy. Plus Makua Lani gives multichild discounts. Makua Lani’s future is bright as it has been in the black for 23 years.

Hualalai Academy provides considerable community support. The campus is used by the traveling preschool (Tutu and Me), karate classes, women’s self defense classes, Boy Scouts, soccer practice, competition for local teams, wedding receptions, the Bridge Club and numerous other community activities. Makua Lani is commited to continued community support.

The Hualalai board says it is taking input from both sides. They have had no open meetings with parents at the school or the community.

I don’t understand how they can go forward with a sale without this taking place.

Hualalai Academy is a nonprofit organization so the price alone should not be the deciding factor. We are not simply dealing with a brick and mortar schoolhouse. We are talking about our kids and as Hualalai board members “their kids.”

I would like to see the Hualalai Academy Board hold an open meeting to see what the parents and the community have to say about the future of our school that so many past board members, parents and faculty have worked so hard to build.

Please call the board and let them know what your thoughts are, you can reach the school at 326-9866

Doug Scoufos is a Kona resident and parent of a Hualalai Academy Student of Kona.

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