Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 9-9-17

September 9, 2017 - 12:05am

Fix Kona problems first

They want us to help front the bill for the defunct rail system.

First of all Kona, is going through issues of our own. Let’s just start with the water pumps and the ongoing water restrictions. We need someone at the helm to inspect these pumps, which Mr. Okamoto has failed to do. Maybe besides replacing the pumps, we also need to replace him with someone who has the knowledge and insight to get the pumps up and running.

Next, our bus system that has many of them out of commission. That is the only mode of transportation that many people depend on getting around for work. Let’s not forget our bathroom facilities at several of our beaches are in deplorable shape. Not a great visual for our tourists.

Really, Mayor Caldwell, and you want us to help by using our tax money or hotel tax increase to pull Oahu out of this rail hole you dug for yourself? Most of Oahu’s residents were against this project to begin with. Get real, Mayor Caldwell, and own up to your disaster. Take care of your responsibilities in your city and leave us outer islands alone.

Hey, Kirk maybe a state lottery would help your derailed rail system.

Laura Bollman


Are we sure North Korea has what it says?

With statements appearing recently in West Hawaii Today such as “North Korea claims to have successfully tested hydrogen bomb …”, “Three North Korea short-range ballistic missiles failed on Saturday, US military officials said, which, if true, …”, “An undated image distributed by North Korean media today shows leader Kim Jong-un inspecting what Pyongyang said is a hydrogen bomb meant for a new intercontinental ballistic missile. The contents of the photo could not be independently verified,” and “North Korea said it set off a hydrogen bomb today in its sixth nuclear test, which judging by the earthquake it set off appeared to be its most powerful explosion yet.”

Are there suppositions involved here? Remember the weapons of mass destruction which never existed in Iraq? How many years has the United States continued to wage war up to the current time after invading Iraq?

Might the United States consider continuing to work with the United Nations instead of taking unilateral preemptive action which might be based on an array of suppositions?

Vivian Green

Waikoloa Village

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