Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 9-3-17

September 3, 2017 - 12:05am

Transit opportunity?

I read with interest Tuesday’s article describing Kawelo Nakamura’s second arrest in a month on charges of stealing and driving a Hele-On bus. May I suggest that jailing Mr. Nakamura may be the wrong approach? So near as I can tell, he seems to be the only person on island able to actually get a county-owned bus up and running. Instead of arresting him, perhaps Mayor Harry Kim should consider hiring Mr. Nakamura at the transit agency. Maybe Mr. Nakaumura could be persuaded to take a look at Kona’s dysfunctional water wells, too.

Daniel F. Knox


Lottery, not tax hike

I agree with the letters in the Friday edition of the paper. I don’t believe the neighbor islands should be responsible for the bad decisions made on Oahu, which only benefits Oahu residents and visitors. A lottery makes sense in that it will generate revenue to the entire state and allow Oahu to help pay for the unwanted rail system without raising taxes on any Hawaii resident.

A secondary plus is that the buyer of the tickets will actually have a chance of recovering some of their money. Hawaii already has gambling, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Tom Brockmiller


Avoid problems by putting qualified people in charge

This is in response to our Kona water restrictions and Yvonne Martin’s and James W. McGowan’s comments in the Aug. 30 edition of West Hawaii Today. While I empathize with Martin’s frustration, I don’t believe lawsuits are the answer. However, I do agree with Martin’s and McGowan’s points that the county must treat this problem like a No. 1 priority, and put qualified people in charge “who have track records of avoiding collisions with the inevitable.”

Likeke Bumanglag


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