Friday | November 17, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 9-24-17

September 24, 2017 - 12:05am

Learn from history’s mistakes

This is in response to the Sept. 21 opinion column by Dennis Gregory. I’d wager slavery has been around since the dawn of civilization. And women might have been the first. Unfortunately, most cultures had some form of it. That doesn’t make it acceptable or any less horrid.

During the Civil War it wasn’t only rich white men who owned slaves, as Mr. Gregory states. Yes, the majority of slave owners were white but there were also black slave owners. Does it help our country, Mr. Gregory, to fan the flames of racial tension? Or suggest looking at more historical sites for racial scrutiny?

The Confederate statues being damaged and destroyed is reckless. But it is a reality. So what is a solution? I like what Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., suggested — preserving them in a museum along with a history lesson.

These statues, monuments and historical sites are a reminder of our past. We would be wise to learn from them.

I agree slavery is wrong and disgraceful, but not unforgivable. Transgressions can be redeemed by taking steps to change and asking God for forgiveness.

Carrie Moore


More should be done for rat lungworm

I’d like to point out that the Hawaii Legislature underhandedly stole $1 million that was slated for our Big Island University of Hilo doctors to continue their crucial research into our Puna rat lungworm problem and instead gave it to the Department of Health, which has used the money to print glossy misinformation brochures which claim that washing your raw produce before you eat it is all you need to do to kill the rat lungworm invaders.

Now, I’d like to point out that last week a 6-month-old baby was finally tested and confirmed tested and finally confirmed for rat lungworm. This is only after the Puna mother begged and pleaded and took her infant multiple times to not only her primary care provider, but also urgent care and the hospital for nine days. Each time she requested rat lungworm testing and each time she was turned away.

Shame on you legislators. You are responsible for the lackadaisical attitude about rat lungworm because you don’t want to scare the tourists.

Let’s just all send healing thoughts to this poor baby, and the rest of you greedy committee heads who repurpose funds for your friends can try and rest easy tonight and hope it’s not your baby next time.

Sara Steiner


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