Saturday | December 16, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 9-13-17

September 13, 2017 - 12:05am

Plastic ban motivation pretty clear, actually

Well, Mr. von Platen Luder, I find it difficult to imagine that you’re not aware that the motivation for those of us who advocate to reduce the use of plastics has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with the environment.

And, I have to assume you must be a very busy person if you consider being asked to keep a bag in your car and carry it into the store presents such a huge burden.

Mare Grace


Kids need field of their own

Kona kids no longer have even one public field to use as County Parks and Recreation indefinitely closes the field down at the Old Airport Park due to safety concerns.

The water emergency forced the water department officials to turn off all sprinkler irrigation used to maintain the grass fields at Old A’s, creating large bare areas with only gravel and dirt. These bare areas combined with the 3-foot wide continuous exposed gravel and cinder path encircling the field created by contractors who installed the new stadium lighting has created a real safety issue.

Keith Okamoto quickly responded to the situation by giving county water trucks approval to fill up in South Kona and irrigate the fields, which they have started. American Youth Soccer Organization volunteers have requested to use their own tools to aerate the dry, hard-packed soil and reseed but have not been given permission by Parks and Rec.

If county officials don’t respond quickly, it is going to be a long while before the kids of Kona once again have a grass field to play on.

Matthew Cintas


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