Friday | November 24, 2017
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Letters to the Editor: 8-7-17

August 7, 2017 - 12:05am

An answer to the health care crisis

The answer to the health care crisis in America is simple.


The escalating numbers of sick and dying in America is the direct result of ignorance and lack of will to say no to all the junk/fake foods sold in supermarkets and restaurants. It is also the result of doctors and hospitals whose intent is to heal but whose actions and ignorance make people sicker. Each of us is responsible for our own health. It is not a doctor or hospital’s responsibility. We are eating the wrong things and not exercising enough and not getting enough sunshine and not getting enough sleep.

We are what is making us sick. It is not “big pharma” or “big ag” or “big chem” or “big” whatever. It is us. We keep thinking that industry and government would never deliberately cause or let us to get sick. Yeah, right. Think again. Greed motivates big industry and big government.

The best health insurance is to eat right and live right. There are no shortcuts. No magic pill or medical procedure.

You need to become informed and you must live a righteous life. If you do not prevent disease, you will suffer disease.

If everyone lived a righteous life, even if poor, there would be far, far less sickness and need for care.

And the best thing is that you need not depend on anyone else for your good health. Not the government. Not insurance. Not Congress. Not your family. Hust you. Instead of America going broke trying to pay for all our sick people, America can be strong and vital and free of the diseases caused by carefree self-poisoning.

Eat organic whole foods only. Exercise like your life depends on it. Sleep at night instead of staring at a screen. Stop eating all grains and sugar and sugar substitutes. Be humble and kind to one another.

Simple. But not so easy.

Tom Beach


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