Tuesday | December 12, 2017
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Letters to the editor: 8-3-17

August 3, 2017 - 12:05am

Tough talk doesn’t mean a thing for China

According to the Chicago Tribune editorial “Trump, No. Korea, and China’s choice” Aug.1, President Trump tweeted about China: “they do nothing for us with North Korea — just talk.”

The editorial then suggests three military-style “what-ifs,” which are ideas evidently designed to encourage China to help defuse the North Korea situation by cutting off its energy trade with North Korea. The Chicago Tribune says: “The last thing China wants is: a) U.S. supersonic bombers close to its borders b) a potent demonstration of U.S. capacity to knock down missiles before they reach the U.S. c) Japan and So. Korea going nuclear to defend themselves.

However, the editorial then points out that “Rising tensions and threats of war aren’t good for business.” This is very true — except for the one business that president Dwight Eisenhower long ago warned us about possibly gaining too much influence — the U.S. military-industrial complex.

So, we’d like China to threaten to cut off trade with No. Korea? But we can’t threaten to cut off trade with China? U.S. military posturing to impress is neither the last thing China wants nor the first thing China fears. The very last thing China wants is for Chinese imports to not be allowed in the U.S.

And, what could possibly prevent the U.S. from backing up such a threat? That it might not be good for business?

David Bouchier


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