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Letters to the editor | 8-21-14

August 21, 2014 - 12:05am

Duke offers a new way for Hawaii

In response to Leighton Loo’s Sunday letter I submit there was barely a hair’s width of difference between the policies being offered by Ige and Abercrombie. It all came down to a difference in style.

Both are entrenched Democratic party ideologues and we can expect no real change no matter which of the two prevailed in the primary election. So why not “Ige” Ige and vote for Duke? Choose a new way for Hawaii; fewer regulations &fees for small businesses, improved economy and schools, less assault on civil liberties and better health care options and delivery. Hawaii sorely needs a two-party system.

Michelle “Mike” Kerr


Obama dividing, weakening USA

The Aug. 18 edition of West Hawaii Today had an excellent examples of how useless our “organizer-in-chief” really is. He has been the instrument of a divided America, the fall of Iraq into chaos and the all-time fundraising champion and campaigner in the pretense of promoting his various failed ideals (including Obamacare).

While the Islamic State is becoming more powerful, killing anyone that won’t bow to their will, the world at large is looking down on America and our lack of leadership and realizing that for the first time in decades they can not count on America for help and support.

Soon we will be retreating from Afghanistan using the same failed reasoning that Obama put forth in Iraq.

Our country is a shallow skeleton of what she once was to the world at large. Of course, when all is said and done, Obama will — as always — blame it on President Bush.

Frank Dickinson


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